Posted on: July 12, 2008

I’m slowly becoming a fan of Twitter. Facebook has had the ‘status’ entry for quite some time, so it’s nothing new, but the content is completely different for Twitter. My status updates on Facebook are about where I am, who I’m with or what I did over the weekend. They’re personal mini notices to my friends.

“Erin Norton is…excited for her trip to Miami”

My Twitter posts tend to reflect more on what I know, what’s going on or what I’ve just learned. Usually, my tweets are linked to a news article, blog or video. Very rarely to I post thoughts in regard to my own life.

Usually hate ridiculous ads….but for some reason I love these.

Twitter is fun and I like the idea of microblogging, but I know no one else who twitters. I follow a random assortment of publications, blogs and social media celebs, but none of my friends are into the social media scene and they would NEVER twitter.

How can I persuade my friends that social media doesn’t bite? Is it just the tech and media folks that populate these sites?


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