Posted on: July 11, 2008

Interesting article Neuromarketing about the power of the word FREE. Read it here.

It raises a really interesting point about how easily we are swayed by the idea of Free even choosing Free over the better bargain. It’s fascinating to think that consumers really only care about convenience and a lack of investment when making their purchasing decisions. Should every item come with a ‘Free’ bonus offer?

Infomercials seem to have grasped this concept and include an endless amount of free items with every purchase, as long as you act fast and call within the next 20 mintues.

But while free will get you to try a new product or service, what will keep you coming back for more? Once a company starts giving things away, are they only able to retain their customers by continuing to give away items for free? Will a free offer keep you loyal to a brand?

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