Posted on: July 10, 2008

There is a commercial I totally hate at the moment and it’s driving me mad every time its on air.

When I usually hate a spot its because I’m not in the demo and I can excuse it away b/c the message wasn’t really aimed at me. But the current Secret Deodorant spot is aboslute nonsense and I’m even a current customer.

The concept isn’t bad, but the execution is painful.

I couldn’t find a video for this spot…so I’ll try to describe it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Bascially its a woman walking down the streets in NYC giving us 5 reasons to use secret deodorant. She does some random and pointless stuff which involve her lifting her arms up. After a solid 2 weeks of the commercial annoying me, did I even realize that the five reasons to use Secret were not what the actress was actually doing or saying- the five reasons were up in the upper left corner as copy.

But it still doesn’t make any sense- those copy points have absolutely nothing to do with whats going on.

#1 She raises her arms and says “Hey hows it going” to some guy then admits she doesn’t even know him- left corner says strong odor and wetness protection.

#2 Then she salutes a doorman and says “At ease captain!” – copy is goes on clear

# 3 “TAXI!” She hails a cab but then dismisses him with “No thanks I’d rather walk” – screen reads smooth lightweight formula

#4 As she’s walking past a side street there is a cop car and she pauses to yell “AHH I’m innocent” raising her arms and smells her armpits “and fresh!” – read self-renewing fragrances (the only one that makes sense if you can ignore how annoying she is and actually read the copy)

#5 As her last reason, she raises both arms in the air and tosses a piece of trash into a can with one arm, while lowering the other arm she caresses her armpit. “Flawless!”- copy is skin-nuturing conditioners

Can someone please help me understand how anyone thought this spot was goood?

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4 Responses to "Secret."

I’m trying to find out her name, because she is HOT!!!
I’ll watch that commercial all night!!

OMG! I have been trying to see that commercial and I can never find it!

[…] Secret failed at this and now Victoria’s Secret is playing advertising ad libs with their copy points instead of actually trying to create spots. […]

I hate that secrects deo commercial! Its terrible! I can’t believe someone actually sat down thought up the idea and managed to sell it! What makes it even worse is that annoying girl! Ugh! I’d never hire her do another commercial again!

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